We believe that creating a culture of innovation requires a continuous balancing act between focused attention and a questioning mind. Achieving this requires creating and capturing opportunities in new ways by improving on the already existing product, processes and services.
It is our goal to create lasting relationships with our clients and at BTS we take a hands-on, pragmatic approach to developing winning products that accommodate each client’s unique and evolving requirements. By working closely with our clients we challenge every aspect of every detail; ensuring that our clients are provided with the right solution, that actually delivers a real return on investment.


Our values express what organizational, cultural and ethical references we wish to promote in managing our business and employees. We believe company values are guidelines for all its employees and are designed to facilitate the achievement of its goals.

Our organization culture is made up of five core values:

1. Integrity
2. ‘WOW’ Customer Experience
3. Inspire Imagination and Creativity
4. Trust and Empowerment
5. Passion and Commitment

Executive Leadership Team

Mr. Chris Di Losa


Mr Chris Di Losa is the Chief Executive Office and Chairman of the Board for Beaver Group.

Mr Di Losa is also Executive Director of a number of controlled and associated entities of the Beaver Group.

Mr. Richard Carr


Mr Richard Carr is Executive Director of Beaver Group and Managing Director of Beaver Engineering.Mr Carr's strong technical & design expertise in the field of Maritime Mooring Systems is well regarded by his peers and his clients worldwide.

Mr Carr also consults to many major projects around the world in the design of complex Mooring Systems

Mrs. Maria Di Losa


Mrs. Maria Di Losa role as Financial Director & Company Secretary sees her managing the efficient administration of Beaver Group activities, in regards to compliance with statutory and regulatory requirements.

Mrs Di Losa comes with over 20 years experience in a Finance and Administration capacity and has held executive and senior roles in large organisations.

Mrs Di Losa was appointed to the Beaver Group Board in September 2010.

Mr. Naizal Buksh


Mr Naizal Buksh joined BTS in June 2010 as the National Sales & Marketing Manager and was responsible for the overall Sales & Marketing initiatives for the business. In mid-2013, Mr Buksh was appointed to his current role of General Manager – Strategic Markets and is responsible for the new acquisition, development and retention of key clients to BTS.

Mr Buksh has experience and achievements in Sales & Marketing that covers a diverse area including strategic sales planning, marketing strategy, contract negotiation, brand & Category management and business development

Mr. Jeff Pogson


Mr Jeff Pogson joined BTS in January 2012 as the National Operation and Testing Manager and is responsible for the testing, R&D and warehouse functions for the business. His role has been invaluable to the development and implementation of many custom items produced by BTS.

Mr Pogson comes with over 15 years’ experience in Testing and product development coupled with an excellent knowledge of Australian and International Standards and their testing requirements and has held national manager roles in large organisations.